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Public Services Policy

The Wyoming State Law Library is dedicated to providing access to legal materials to all Wyoming citizens.  The Law Library is open and has reference personnel on duty Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.  Library staff can be contacted by telephone at (307) 777-7509 or by e-mail at library@courts.state.wy.us. The Law Library has a web presence at:  http://www.courts.state.wy.us/LawLibrary.

Pursuant to the Law Library’s circulation policy, materials may be checked out directly to the following persons if they are in good standing with the Law Library:

  • Wyoming Supreme Court
  • Wyoming and Federal Judiciary
  • Members of the Wyoming State Bar
  • Legislators and Their Staff
  • State Employees
  • Laramie County Residents
  • Holders of Valid Borrowers’ Cards from Participating WYLD Libraries

All other individuals may borrow Law Library materials through interlibrary loan (ILL) pursuant to the Law Library’s ILL policy.

The Law Library reference department's ability to provide assistance is limited to bibliographic instruction.  No member of the Law Library staff can assist in the interpretation of legal materials or provide legal advice.  Materials referenced by the law librarian are intended as sources of information and are not warranted to supply definitive answers.  As there are many resources available for locating legal information, it is recommended that first time Law Library users refer to a basic text on legal research to get an overall view of the types of legal materials available and how to access and interpret them.

The Law Library maintains a copying machine.  Anyone may make copies using the machine for a remittance of $.10/page.  Additionally, copies may be made from the public access computers for a remittance of $.15/page (double-sided) or $.10/page (single-sided). The Law Library does not extend credit.  Attorneys, as officers of the court, may establish a declining balance account to cover the cost of copying by placing a deposit with the Law Library.  Any attorney who maintains an account with the Law Library is under a duty to render a sufficient amount to achieve a positive balance upon notification that the account has been depleted.  The Law Library staff will not do copying for any attorney who has offices in Cheyenne or who is present in the library.  The Law Library staff will make copies for Wyoming attorneys who practice in Wyoming but outside of the Cheyenne area. The Law Library charges the actual cost of the copies, a surcharge of $1.00/item requested, and the postage for this service. Due to the small size of the Law Library staff, this copy service is not available to non-attorneys.  All requests by non-attorneys are fulfilled through the interlibrary loan system and it is the librarian's discretion whether to send copies or send the book. Additionally, the Law Library will not copy materials for out-of-state attorneys unless the material being requested is unique to the Wyoming State Law Library.  The Law Library reserves the right to refuse a copying project if it appears that the project would violate copyright law.

The Law Library will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodation to assist our disabled patrons access legal materials. The Law Library is easily accessible by wheelchair from Capitol Avenue.  All state agency telephone numbers are accessible to deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired callers through Wyoming Relay at 711 (for all call types).  The Law Library will make every effort to provide visually impaired persons materials in alternative formats upon request.

Policy reviewed 11/2011