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Library Home > About Us > Internet Use Guidelines

Internet Use Guidelines


The Wyoming State Law Library provides computers with Internet access for educational and legal research by the Wyoming Supreme Court and other state government employees. Computers designated for public access may also be used by the general public. The privacy and/or confidentiality of your information is not guaranteed by the Wyoming State Law Library. Please use at your own discretion. The staff of the Wyoming Supreme Court has priority over all other patrons in the use of the resources of this library. Library patrons conducting legal research have priority over patrons using library resources for other purposes.


This library uses no filtering software to prevent access to web sites with no legal research or educational value, nor does it vouch for the accuracy of its electronic resources, including the Internet.  Library patrons are responsible for exercising reasonable discretion in accessing and
evaluating information.  Use of the Internet by a minor is the responsibility of the minor's parent or legal guardian.  Minors unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian will not be permitted access to law library computers.

Interruption of Computer Use

This library reserves the right to immediately suspend the computer session of any patron in the event a member of the judiciary requires the use of the computer for research.  In the discretion of the library staff, whenever a patron must wait to use a library computer for research, time limits and the use of sign-up sheets may be required.

Unacceptable Use

This library also reserves the right to suspend or terminate any computer session that constitutes, in the discretion of the library staff, an unacceptable use of the computer or software in this court setting, or otherwise unreasonably interferes with library services or the work of the Wyoming Supreme Court.  Examples of unacceptable uses include:

  • copying, modifying or deleting system programs or data files;
  • interfering with computer or network access;
  • using the equipment or software for commercial purposes;
  • participating in “chat rooms” or accessing pornographic sites; or
  • using the equipment or software for illegal purposes, including, but not limited to, violating United States copyright law.

Penalty for Unacceptable Use

If, in the discretion of the library staff, a patron is participating in unacceptable use of library computers, the library may prohibit future access to library facilities by the patron.  If the library staff reasonably suspects criminal use of library computers, the library will refer the matter to the proper authorities for further investigation.

Printing Charges

The library imposes a fee in the amount of $.15/page (double sided) or $0.10/page (single-sided) for copies printed from the printers attached to the library computers.  Patrons are expected to pay cash at the time of transaction or members of the Bar with copy accounts may charge their accounts.  This fee is waived for copies printed in the accomplishment of their professional duties by the Wyoming Supreme Court. 


This policy is subject to amendment at any time.

Policy reviewed 11/2011