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Name Change Guide

Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law book jacket graphicThis guide is an introduction to the process of name change in Wyoming. If you have decided to represent yourself, it will guide you to materials available in the law library that may help you. The library reference department can assist you in locating information. No member of the law library staff can interpret legal materials. Materials referenced by the law librarian are intended as sources of information and are not warranted to supply definitive answers. As there are many resources available for locating legal information, it is recommended that first time law library users refer to a basic text on legal research (Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law) to get an overall view of the types of legal materials available and how to access and interpret them. People representing themselves are expected to do their work on their own. If you have legal questions, we recommend you consult an attorney. If you need an attorney, please consult with the Wyoming State Bar http://www.wyomingbar.org/.

Traditionally, a person could change his or her name simply by consistently using a new name, and then asking government agencies to change their records to reflect that new name.  Concerns about identity theft and terrorism have led agencies to require a court order or birth certificate recognizing your new name to change their records.

Begin with the applicable Wyoming statute:

Change of Name : Title 1, Chapter 25. http://legisweb.state.wy.us/statutes/statutes.aspx?file=titles/Title1/T1CH25.htm

It is also important to conform to the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure

(http://www.courts.state.wy.us/CourtRules_Entities.aspx?RulesPage=CivilProcedure.xml). Be careful not to miss deadlines. You may lose your legal rights if you do not act in a timely manner. The Change of Name statute requires notice to be given by publication. This procedure is explained in the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure. The library does not have a sample form for the notice. Check with your local newspaper for further information. You can find the rule online at: Rule 4. Processed. http://www.courts.state.wy.us/CourtRules_Entities.aspx?RulesPage=CivilProcedure.xml

The Wyoming Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys at Law provides for the unbundled practice of law.

This allows an attorney and client to agree that the lawyer will limit his representation to helping with a specific legal problem for a short time or for a particular purpose. The attorney may ask that you sign an agreement of Notice and Consent to Limited Representation.

Rule 1.2. Scope of Representation. http://www.courts.state.wy.us/CourtRules_Entities.aspx?RulesPage=AttorneysConduct.xml

Your local county library has print versions of Wyoming statutes and rules. The print set includes references to additional relevant Wyoming materials which you may find useful.

Resources for name change at the Wyoming State Law Library include:

Legal Encyclopedias:
"How to" Books:
These books include sample forms you can copy and adapt for your situation.

101 Law Forms for Personal Use - book jacket graphic 101 Law Forms for Personal Use
(KF170 .L46)
Nolo Press

Complete Book of Personal Legal Forms - book jacket graphic The Complete Book of Personal Legal Forms
(KF170 .W366)
Sphinx Publishing

How To Change Your Name - book jacket graphic How To Change Your Name
(KF468 .Z9 J37)
Oceana Publications

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