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To schedule a tour of the Wyoming Supreme Court, please contact the Wyoming State Law Library. We will be happy to assist you in planning your visit to the Supreme Court.

Wyoming State Law Library
2301 Capitol Ave.
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Wyoming Judicial Learning Center

The Wyoming Supreme Court has launched a project to create a Judicial Learning Center within the current State Law Library. The Center will house interactive exhibits to teach audiences about the importance and meaning of the Rule of Law. Exhibits will highlight Wyoming’s unique and significant contributions to our country’s legal system. Understanding the law can be difficult. This Center provides a fun and interactive environment to promote education about important legal concepts.

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You Be The Judge

“You Be The Judge” is a free, interactive community outreach program designed to educate Wyoming citizens on the mission and responsibilities of the Wyoming judicial system. The program provides participants with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the difficult decisions faced by Wyoming judges. Attendees learn how the Wyoming judicial system works, how judges are selected, and how the rule of law is applied. In addition, legal arguments are presented to the audience who are then asked to make a decision on the matter. Throughout the event participants are given the opportunity to ask questions and to weigh in on how they would rule on the case.

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